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Free Blood Pressure Monitor - How To Check Your Blood Pressure For Free

A free blood pressure monitor makes it much easier for doctors to understand and treat hypertension in patients. These ambulatory blood pressure monitors are fully designed so doctors and hospitals can monitor patients 24/7 if need be.

Free Blood Pressure MonitorSince high blood pressure, or hypertension, is one of the top health concerns in the U.S it's no wonder so many people are seeking a free blood pressur monitor.

It's a serious disease that is very common among African-Americans, those, who are extremely overweight, heavy alcohol consumers, and the elderly. Women, who take birth control, are also at a high risk of high blood pressure.

In addition, other contributing factors include: cardiovascular problems, and kidney disease. High blood pressure can affect anyone, so it’s necessary to have regular checkups, and to monitor your blood pressure often.

How Can I Get a Free Blood Pressure Monitor?

If you want to know how to can get a free blood pressure monitor, it's necessary to be informed, and search in the right places. Here are a few suggestions:

Clinical Trials

Many pharmaceutical companies have clinical trials to test programs that include drugs that are almost ready for the general public. These have already been tested on lab animals, and gone through other vigorous studies.

If you already have high blood pressure, you’re going to need medication. If you sign up for one of these clinical trials, you will be required to take high blood pressure medicine that hasn’t been 100% tested, yet. In return, you are usually paid, and you are provided with a free blood pressure monitor.

The only downside to this idea is that the medicine could have side effects, and you will require doctor visits and even hospitalization while you are participating in the trial (that means regular blood tests, too).

If this sounds like something for you, just Google: “high blood pressure clinical trials”.


Wal-Mart and other pharmacies often have free blood pressure monitors inside their businesses. You can usually check your blood pressure for free at any time. This is offered as a complimentary service for their customers. They know if your blood pressure is high, you will also use their medical services (if they have them) and buy your hypertension medicine there.

Different brands of high blood pressure medicine also offer free high blood pressure monitors if you purchase some of their products. Again, they make money, because they know you’ll be back to purchase their products, and high blood pressure medicines are really inexpensive these days.

Next-to-Free Blood Pressure Monitors

Did you realize that today’s high blood pressure machines are very cheap? Not only that, they’re usually more accurate than those made publicly available. Here’s why?

Public free blood pressure monitors are tested for accuracy when they are first installed and used. However, after time, these readings might not be 100 accurate, and not even accurate enough to trust over a long period of time. That’s because every machine needs to be recalibrated and tested after a certain amount of uses.

If you know that the free blood pressure monitor you are using has been tested recently, then you can put your faith in it. If not, you are always going to need to back up the results at a doctor’s office, or clinic.

In conclusion, free blood pressure monitors are a great convenience for those out shopping, and for those, who are fortunate enough to have one in their home. However, remember how important it is to have it checked regularly. Read the instructions in your manual and find out how often it should be recalibrated.

If you are already using a prescription medicine from a specific company, you would be surprised how quickly they want to help. So, if you need dependable free blood pressure monitors, try and contact the companies directly, and ask them if you could possibly have one.

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